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How can I save my pitted face?

I don’t know if you have this kind of experience, no matter how you put on makeup, the pockmark on your face can’t be covered. The pitted skin is not delicate at all. It ruins the makeup that took half an hour to put on, which is really maddening!

How can I save my pitted face? Before talking about how to treat, let's talk about the kinds of pockmark.

Classification of acne pits

Acne pits are divided into three categories:   1. Rolling acne pits; 2. Boxcar acne pits; 3. Icepick acne pits

Rolling acne pits

This type of acne pit is relatively shallow, large in area, and unclear edges. This type of acne pit is relatively easy to treat.

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Boxcar acne pits

The bottom area of this type of acne pit is smaller than the opening, the edge is more obvious, the depth is medium, and it looks like a bowl of different shapes. It is the most common type of acne pit.

Icepick acne pits

This kind of acne pit has a small opening, deep depth, and almost shrunk at the bottom, looking like it was chiseled out by a cone of ice. This type of pit is the most difficult to repair because it is relatively deep.

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I mentioned earlier that acne pits are caused by losing the support of collagen. Therefore, treating acne pits is not done with medicine, It can't be cured by applying a few masks. If there are any skin care products that can cure acne pits, it is mostly Deceptive.

Today KAKA will introduce the fractional laser used to treat acne pits.

CO2 fractional laser

CO2 fractional laser is a more widely used and relatively reliable method. The principle is to use laser to make micropores on the surface of the skin, and use different tissues to absorb light differently. Normal tissues are not affected. Damaged scar tissue absorbs light and heats, stimulates collagen reorganization and regeneration, promotes tissue healing, and relieves acne pits.

There are three unique features of CO2 laser: 1. Wavelength 2. Laser beam distribution 3. Pulse width.


The CO2 laser has a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm, which is a debonding laser. The laser energy can reach the peak value quickly, thereby reducing the damage to the surrounding skin.

The CO2 laser is more easily absorbed by the surrounding protein and fat tissue than the erbium laser, causing more thermal damage and coagulation, and stimulating collagen regeneration; the CO2 laser has better hemostasis and firming and wrinkle effects than the erbium laser.

laser abosorption

Distribution of laser beam

The CO2 laser beam is distributed at intervals, and the light irradiation is discontinuous on the tissue, which can prevent the laser from overlapping and damaging the skin.

The CO2 treatment area is small and precise. The diameter of each laser beam is less than 500μm. It stays on the skin for a short time and brings less side effects. It can be used for the treatment of patients with dark skin.

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Pulse Width

For CO2 laser, the longer the pulse width, the larger the thermal damage range. The CO2 laser pulse width is less than 2000μs, which is safer and faster recovery.

Precautions before operation

1. Avoid exposure to the sun 2 weeks before the operation and apply sunscreen to prevent it;

2. Within 1 week before the operation, avoid taking aspirin or aspirin-like drugs, except as directed by the doctor. Try to avoid all alcohol, fish oil supplements and vitamin E;

3. One week before the operation, please stop using skin care products containing retinoids (such as retinoic acid, Daphne (adapalene, propylene glycol and EDTA gel), or care products containing fruit acid, and 2 after the operation. Can be used again only a week.

Postoperative precautions

1. After the treatment is over, do not touch the part with your hands immediately to prevent bacterial infection;

2. There is a slight redness and slight burning sensation in the treatment area. This is a normal phenomenon. It can be treated with local ice to reduce swelling and pain;

3. Within 24-48 hours after treatment, redness, swelling, burning sensation, etc. are normal reactions. You can use a cold towel to wet the local area. If you have a strong pain or other discomfort, you should contact your doctor in time for treatment;

4. It is not advisable to wash your face with hot water within 5 days after facial treatment, avoid using cosmetics, prohibit steaming the face within 2 weeks, reduce facial expressions and avoid sauna bathing, avoid vigorously massaging the treatment area and sweating exercises;

5. About the third day after the treatment, tiny particles of crust will begin to form on the local wound, and the crust will fall off in about 7-10 days. When there is slight dryness, desquamation, or crusting, please do not pick up and remove the scabs by yourself, and make sure that the scabs mature and fall off on their own;

6. Avoid strong sun exposure within 3 months after treatment (use physical sunscreen with SPF≥30-50, apply 30 minutes before going out);

7. Fast foods such as spicy, spicy, seafood, lamb and other foods within 14 days after treatment

Finally, I would like to remind you that you must be cautious when using fractional lasers for sensitive skin. It is best to communicate with your doctor before the operation so that the doctor can choose the most suitable treatment for you.


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Post time: Jan-13-2022