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SUSLASER YAG For Age Removal

Almost all beauty seekers with spots will have such a bad experience. At first, there may be only one or two small spots, but over time, without treatment, the spots will spread to a large area. Do I need to treat the spots that grow, and how can I get rid of them quickly?
In the epidermis of the body, there is a kind of melanocyte. In this cell, there is a special protein called "tyrosinase", which has a catalytic effect, allowing melanocytes to produce melanin, which makes the skin, eyes and hair color. . The main component of pigmentation is melanin.
These melanocytes will darken the skin and cause pigmentation, so does the body no longer need it? However, it is not. Melanin can absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Once the ultraviolet rays are irradiated on the skin, in order to prevent other cells on the skin from getting old and dying, the melanocytes will produce melanin with their lives to block the ultraviolet rays from entering the deep layers of the skin. In this process, although the skin becomes darker, the skin also avoids a catastrophe of ultraviolet rays, and melanin is the main reason.