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SUSLASER Aqua Hydro Facial Skin Rejuvenation Dermabrasion Machine

What are small bubbles?

1. Cleans all kinds of skin waste and shines out the healthy color of the skin - fully combine the ultra-fine air bubbles with the nutrient solution, and directly act on the skin through the specially designed spiral suction head, and can keep the ultra-fine air bubbles in contact with the skin for a long time. , to promote peeling.

2. The combination of ultra-fine air bubbles and adsorption can deeply cleanse the face, remove aging keratinocytes, remove sebum, and completely remove various impurities, mites and oil residues in the follicles in a safe and painless condition.

3. Promote microcirculation, revitalize the skin, increase the oxygen content of skin capillaries, and promote skin blood circulation. At the same time, the active oxygen released in the tiny bubbles can give the skin free radical effect, which can inhibit the aging of the skin.