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Multifunctional OPT E-Light Permanent Hair Removal Device

How long does it take for photorejuvenation to see results?
Photorejuvenation can be divided into one and two types:
Type 1 technology is suitable for light damage, such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation spots, freckles, including sensitive skin redness, rosacea, removal and other causes of erythema.
Type 2 techniques are suitable for skin lesions involving changes in collagen tissue such as pores, elastin degeneration and wrinkles.
Generally, beauty seekers can see the effect after photon rejuvenation. At the end, they will feel that the face is whiter than before. After washing face and makeup, the effect of photon rejuvenation is not as good as when it was just done. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, you will notice that pores are narrowed, pigmentation spots are faded, and skin luster will gradually improve.