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Japan Imported 650nm Diode Laser Hair Regrowth Machine

In 1964, in order to study whether ruby lasers cause cancer, the Hungarian doctor Mester carried out low-energy laser experiments on mice.

Unexpectedly, a small change in the little mouse, at that time, after the test on the shaved part of the little mouse, the carcinogenic data was not found, but the laser made the hair regenerate 2 times faster!
In 2003, Japanese scientist Yamazaki M organized 15 patients with alopecia areata to start the experiment, using a laser device called Super Lizer™ to irradiate the scalp with infrared lasers for 3 minutes per week.
It was found that the irradiated skin of 47% of the subjects experienced hair growth 1.6 months earlier than the non-irradiated skin. After one year of continuous light exposure, the hair density, length, and diameter of diseased and non-diseased skin converged.
Experiments have once again proved that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can promote hair regeneration in patients with alopecia areata.