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SUSLASER Skin Management Machine Hydrofacial Treatment

The principle of Aqua Dermabrasion Machine
They are made of nano-level bubble water, which forms a vacuum circuit through vacuum negative pressure, and uses the suction of negative pressure to absorb the oil blocked in the pores, which can deeply cleanse the face, remove mites and oil residues, and make the pores more comfortable. Just inhale.

Therefore, its function is to clean the pores, and the pores will be smooth, and the follow-up skin care products will naturally be better absorbed, and the state of the skin will be improved.

As for the liquid ejected by the bubble pen during the process of small bubbles? Many places are different, and some places use distilled water, which is suitable for sensitive skin. In some places, acid is used, usually fruit acid or salicylic acid, which can exfoliate the skin while making small bubbles, so that the subsequent nutrients can be better absorbed.