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SUSLASER Lips hair removal With 808nm Gold standard wavelength

When we wear jewellery and make beautiful nails, don’t we feel awkward with a bunch of black hair on our fingers? The little black fluff on the mouth looks dirty and unpleasant.

Then let’s find a solution to the unwanted hair
Many of my friends may have heard of the high efficiency of 808nm diode laser painless hair removal, but many people still have some questions about this technology. In particular, I have sorted out several major questions about 808nm diode laser for your reference.
For hair removal, the Diolight uses a gold standard 808nm Diode Laser and combines it with exclusive fast moving technology. Low fluences of up to 20J/cm2 penetrate deep into the dermis at a high repetition rare of 10 pulses-per-second to deliver high average power. By gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicles, re-growth is prevented while cooling from the sapphire tip protects the surrounding skin from injury.