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Lipo Laser is a 100% non-invasive topical fat loss

Losing weight has never been a topic of concern to the few. In the trend of pursuing a beautiful body and tight lines, even people who seem to be very thin on the whole will have the idea of ​"slenderness" for small parts such as upper arms, thighs, and back where fat accumulates .

However, local slimming is a complete problem: non-surgical methods (such as fitness) have very limited effect on local improvement, and are time-consuming and labor-intensive; and traditional liposuction is difficult to safely achieve fat reduction in small areas.

Fortunately, the medical beauty technology that keeps pace with the times gives us more personalized and customized choices,and the Lipo Laser laser lipolysis technologyto be introduced in this article is the most popular non-invasive local weight loss therapy. one.

 lipolaser machine


Lipo Laser is a 100% non-invasive topical fat loss, slimming and shaping system that helps people achieve a more toned and firmer body in less time.


Compared to the risky and painful liposuction procedure, it uses advanced photon red light therapy to safely and comfortably penetrate and emulsify the subcutaneous fat cells in the target area, stimulating the cells to release water, free fatty acids and glycerol by themselves. During this process, fat cells shrink as if they were "dehydrated", thus achieving a slimming effect.


Lipo Laser is very suitable for the body parts shown in the picture below

principle of lipolaser machine


Whether it is the precise targeting of the target area, the non-invasiveness of the process or the efficiency and effectiveness of fat reduction, Lipo Laser is a revolutionary technology.


Many customers see visible results after the second session - about 40 grams of fat per session. But a more scientific, long-lasting treatment schedule is usually 30-minute sessions three times a week for 3-8 weeks. After the desired effect is achieved, maintenance sessions can be performed at intervals as needed.

Post time: May-26-2022