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SUSLASER 5 In 1 High Powered Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction Machine

It is a super slimming instrument and equipment suitable for shaping folds in various parts of the human body, integrating the five technologies of bipolar radio frequency, concentrated strong sound waves, vacuum negative pressure, mechanical flow and skin folding. The sonic fat blasting head uses sound waves with a focusing frequency of 40000HZ, which can make the fat cells produce a strong impact after entering the human body, so that the fat cells rub against each other, which can effectively consume heat, and at the same time, the cells are blasted instantly. : Three probes of different specifications can be switched freely to perform mechanical aerobic exercise for deep skin and adipose tissue. This negative pressure deep massage can increase the function of lymphatic drainage by four times, so that the body can effectively consume the accumulated fat and achieve Body slimming purpose.