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2000W High Power OPT E-Light For Hair Removal And Skin Rejuvenation

2000W OPT power supply, the maximum energy is 60J, ensuring the real enough energy and good treatment effect.
Taiwan imported switching power supply offer longer machine life and more stable energy output.
SHR sweeping in-motion tech, Fast and painless hair removal, save treatment time, the whole treatment process is comfortable.
Rotating plug-in connector, Creative rotating plug-in connector in handle, make it more easy to plug in and pull out. Sliver plating handle plug-ins, ensure effective thermal conductivity to enhance its utilization.
3 in 1 cooling system (air cooling, water cooling and semiconductor refrigeration system), the temperature of handle can down to zero degree during treatment.
Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: prevents the temperature of the machine from being too high during work, effectively protects the machine and prolongs the life of the machine.