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SUSLASER HIFEM Machine For Muscle Building & Fat Burning With Pelvic Floor Muscle Repair Chair

Due to differences in physiological structure, women often need to bear more physical injuries, especially postpartum women. When talking about private health, Chinese people are not as open and popular as foreign countries, but they have also attracted more and more attention.

The data shows that as women pay more and more attention to themselves, Kochi consumers with maintenance concept have gone through a process from exclusion to private plastic surgery and maintenance.

It can be maintained privately, and then seek the help of a professional doctor.

Women in their 30s are the peak population during the reproductive period, and their focus is on postpartum repair projects; while women in their 45s and 50s have a certain economic foundation and pay more attention to marital quality and health, so they pay more attention and investment. .

In this process, they are more likely to accept non-invasive and safe private maintenance methods.

Among them, the most concerned issue is the repair of female pelvic floor muscles.