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5 Cartridges Anti-Aging HIFU Slimming Ultrasound Device

Advantages of Ultrasonic Knife Fat Dissolving Slimming

1. Non-invasive: remove the fat layer in vitro through ultrasound without any harm;
2. Good comfort: no discomfort and pain;
3. No recovery period: you can move freely after treatment;
4. Good curative effect: it has both fat-dissolving and firming effects, and the effect is even better without surgical liposuction
High-intensity focused ultrasound, which uses high-frequency spectrum to penetrate the cortex directly to 3~4.5 mm, deep to the superficial muscle and fascia tissue SMAS, and focuses the heat energy generated by the high-frequency oscillating tissue at a point, so that the SMAS layer in the body can be removed from the body. Thermal coagulation, resulting in tension and lifting, to achieve the effect of fascia suspension and lifting. From deep to shallow, it precisely improves the subcutaneous structure that supports the skin, shrinks the aging bone collagen and stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, builds a new collagen fiber network, and restores elasticity from the bottom layer of the skin.