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CET & RET Relieves Whole Body Physical Fatigue

Scientific research has shown that within the normal body temperature range, there will be a phenomenon of "the higher the body temperature, the stronger the immunity". For every 1℃ increase in body temperature, basal metabolism will increase by 13%, and immunity will increase by 5-6 times; on the contrary, for every 1℃ decrease in body temperature, basal metabolism will decrease by 13%, and immunity will decrease by more than 30%.


Today, let's talk about the technology that makes our body temperature rise, at the same time, achieve the effect of physiotherapy and beauty.


CET & RET, using the advanced thermal energy health management system, through the 350W high-power monopolar radio frequency, the ideal frequency of 470KHZ with regularity, high efficiency, strong penetration and high comfort, produces ion oscillation and resistance effect, penetrates into hard tissue, At the level of muscle and aponeurosis, it stimulates cell activity and accelerates its repair and regeneration, thereby balancing the biological function of cells.



Iong shock and resistance effect will generate high heat energy in the body at the same time. When the heat energy penetrates through the human body system, it can exert three major biological effects: non-thermal effect, thermothermal effect, and hyperthermic effect, thereby causing the body tissue to produce "endogenous heat". ", raises the basal body temperature of the human body, ignites the "little sun" in the body, and promotes the flow and circulation of blood from the inside out, which can affect the scalp, face, shoulders and necks, chest, abdomen, lymph, buttocks, back, waist, Targeted management of key parts such as arms, legs, and private parts, to achieve gentle conditioning from head to toe wherever you feel uncomfortable!
CET & RET can be directly heated in the deep tissue of the human body, helping to increase the tissue temperature by 5-7 degrees, and this heat is not easily dissipated, and can stay in the tissue for several hours; the intelligent constant temperature system can keep the temperature constant, without Cell tissue can be damaged by excessive temperature.


The operation of the whole body can increase the temperature of more tissues. Under the biological thermal effect, the exchange of nutrients and metabolites in human tissues is accelerated, and the basal metabolic level will naturally increase. Long-term and regular comprehensive treatment of the body can steadily improve the basal body temperature and metabolic level of the human body, and can comprehensively regulate the symptoms of cell imbalance caused by low body temperature, such as low immunity, premature aging of the female reproductive system, low viscera function, circulation Slow metabolism, poor sleep quality, etc.


Especially in autumn and winter, the body's metabolism and circulation are also rapidly declining. At this time, do CET care to dispel the cold in the body and make the whole body warm. Who wouldn't love it?


At the same time, RET uses 470KHz ultra-high frequency to generate vibration and friction heat energy in skin tissue cells, which can destroy old and weak collagen, effectively stimulate the natural regeneration and reorganization of new collagen and elastin, so as to increase skin thickness and elasticity, filling in wrinkles, firming and lifting, improving skin tone.


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Post time: May-31-2022