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SUSLASER EMSlim Muscle Building And Fat Burning Machine

With the increasing demand of women for private health, the health of women's pelvic floor muscles has become one of the key concerns of European and American countries in the past decade, and has now become a global public health issue.
According to ISAPS, women's private health concerns are growing by 27% annually, and urinary incontinence is one of women's top health concerns; according to NAFC, 19 million women and 200 million people worldwide are affected by urinary incontinence. The incidence of pelvic floor dysfunction in married and child-bearing women is about 30%-40%, and the patients in their 40s and 50s are most concentrated. However, more than half of patients do not seek help from a physician, averaging 6.5 years from milder symptoms to more severe conditions. This unspeakable embarrassment actually seriously affects people's quality of life.