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SUSLASER New Arrival RET Machine With Vacuum

●In 1890, French scientist Da Sonval discovered that high-frequency current can induce high-speed electrical oscillation ion flow in the cell environment, which has the effect of increasing the permeability of cell membrane;
●Increased cell membrane permeability can promote the exchange of substances inside and outside the cell, and promote metabolism, thereby activating the natural repair and regeneration ability of tissue cells.
●In 1939, British scientists discovered that the capacitor resistance under the action of high frequency can produce a diathermic effect;
●Human tissue itself has different capacitance and
resistance properties, and the thermal effect of
high-frequency current in human tissue can promote blood and lymph circulation;
●Accelerated blood circulation can promote the input of nutrients and regulate local temperature;
●Accelerated lymphatic circulation can promote lymphatic drainage, remove waste and excessive water