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SUSLASER 2000W High Power OPT E-Light For Hair Removal And Skin Rejuvenation

How many times to do ipl photon hair removal before complete hair removal? I believe that many friends have such questions. The one-time permanent hair removal promoted by many advertisements is actually not realistic. Because hair has a certain growth cycle, the best effect can be achieved by multiple hair removal.
Current IPL hair removal treatments do not completely destroy all hair follicles at once, but rather a slow, limited, selective destruction. And because the growth of hair is generally divided into growth phase, regression phase and stationary phase. Hair in the growth phase contains the most melanin and is extremely sensitive to IPL; while hair in the degenerative and resting phases does not absorb the energy of IPL. Therefore, IPL can only work when these hairs are transferred to the growth phase, so IPL requires multiple treatments to achieve obvious results.