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SUSLASER HIFU Face Treatment For Skin Lifting and Tightening

In 1994, Joseph Amaral first pointed out in his experimental report that the high-frequency action generated by ultrasonic energy is the mechanical energy required in the process of tissue heating, sealing and separation.

It was first used in ophthalmology and neurosurgery in the 1990s, mainly for fine segmentation. With the continuous and in-depth development of surgical operations, its wide range of uses has been recognized by people and the use of it has become more and more extensive.
The ultrasonic knife system can convert the electrical signal into mechanical vibration through the pressure point converter, so that the knife head vibrates with a suitable amplitude and frequency.
With high frequency vibration of 55.5 KHz and mechanical vibration of 0.1~0.3 mm amplitude, the cutter head conducts the mechanical vibration to the tissue, and the contact tissue protein is contacted by high frequency vibration, so that the protein hydrogen bond is broken, and the protein is denatured (coagulated) to seal the small area. blood vessels, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting coagulation.