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SUSLASER 650nm Diode Laser For Hair Restoration

In autumn and winter, it is easy to lose hair. In addition, as the end of the year is approaching, many people are facing greater work pressure, staying up late for a long time, and no one can afford it when they become bald. In particular, the loss of hair in patches, the so-called "alopecia areata". The "Global Hair Loss Population Survey" previously released by the Global Association for Health Promotion and Education gave more detailed data: an average of 1 in every 4 adult males has hair loss, among which men are mainly 20 to 40 years old, and about 30 years old. The fastest growing, 20 years earlier than the age of hair loss in the previous generation.
If you have alopecia areata, don't panic, the treatment effect of most patients is still relatively effective. Through 650nm Diode laser therapy and the patient's self-regulation, such as relaxing the body and mind, paying attention to rest, and strengthening exercise, it will be more conducive to the recovery of the disease.