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SUSLASER Whole Body Pain Relief CET RET Diathermy Physiotherapy Care Machine

Through the unique high frequency (470KHz) to generate ion oscillation and resistance effect, it penetrates into hard tissue, touches the level of muscle and aponeurosis, stimulates cell activity, and accelerates its repair and regeneration. The ion shock and resistance effect will generate high heat energy in the body at the same time, start the energy flow, not only drive the blood and metabolic circulation, promote the elimination of excess fat and toxins, but also accelerate the renewal of collagen, reorganize the structure of collagen fibers, and help strengthen collagen , and finally enhance the thickness and elasticity of the skin, and easily recall the youthful figure and delicate face.

Through intelligent operation, high heat energy is generated in the body, and biological tissues will naturally transform and accelerate the circulation in the body, releasing energy flow. Because fat and toxins in the body will enter the blood vessels with the microcirculation, the functional fat and wastes in the body will be quickly excreted from the body. Speed up blood flow to stimulate cells to get more nutrients!