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Advantages of DPL photorejuvenation project

Scope of application of DPL photorejuvenation
Scope of application: professional treatment of various freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, pigmentation, dull complexion, etc.


Advantages of DPL photorejuvenation project
Precise treatment-----more distinctive treatment
It is specially developed to solve skin acne marks, red blood and epidermal pigment spots. The precise energy is used to solve the problem of red and black skin; the immediate response is more obvious than ordinary photon treatment, the treatment effect is remarkable, and the course of treatment is shortened;

Precise energy----lower healing energy and higher safety factor
It is 5 times more accurate than traditional photons, and only 1/2 or even less of the energy of traditional photons is needed to achieve the same effect; the treatment safety is improved, and it is suitable for the treatment of "thin skin" people who have high treatment requirements.
Precise curative effect----break through the bottleneck of traditional photorejuvenation
When breakthrough therapy reaches a certain stage, it basically loses its effect on the remaining small blemishes; precise photon breaks through the bottleneck of treatment and completely removes the “red and black” problem of the skin;

Precise control----4 cooling gears for higher comfort
Traditional photon therapy has only one cooling gear, which is less comfortable and has the risk of scalding blisters; precise photon rejuvenation has 4 cooling gears, which can be finely adjusted according to treatment needs and customer tolerance. thermal damage.

Post time: Aug-02-2022