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SUSLASER Cooling Machine for Laser Treatment Pain Reduction

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  • Reduce Laser Pain
  • Comfortable and low noise

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The cold therapy instrument cites the latest technology in Germany, combined with the principle of air conditioning and refrigeration, the internal refrigeration system takes in air and discharges the cold air of the appropriate temperature, and sprays it on the treatment site of the operator to achieve the purpose of cooling and preventing skin burns.

Minimizes pain and reduces the risk of thermal injury

Cryo systems are widely used across the aesthetic industry for epidermal skin numbing by various types of practitioners. Its popularity can be credited to its reliability and efficacy across a wide range of applications, minimizing pain associated with procedures like tattoo removal, superficial injections, laser hair removal, plastic surgery, and more. The Cooling Machine provides epidermal skin numbing technology, reducing pain AND the chances of thermal injury, and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for patients.

laser facial treatment
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Treatment Scope

Mainly in the optical instruments, such as IPL skin rejuvenation instrument, Yag laser machine, picosecond laser, carbon dioxide laser machine and other instruments to play an auxiliary role. Improve the comfort and safety of treatment.

1. The epidermal cooling machine increases the tolerance of the epidermis to thermal damage through preoperative cooling, thereby reducing the risk of epidermal thermal damage.
2. The epidermal cooling machine protects the epidermis through powerful intraoperative cooling, making it possible to act on the deep target tissue with high energy density.
3. The epidermis cooling machine can protect the epidermis so that the dermis and subcutaneous tissue get more photothermal effects, so as to ensure better skin rejuvenation, weight loss and scar removal.
4. The epidermal cooling machine recovers through postoperative cooling, which reduces the risk of epidermal thermal damage and greatly improves the customer's treatment experience and comfort, which is conducive to improving customer satisfaction.


Unlike traditional ice and cold compresses, cold therapy jets are a non-contact cooling and anti-scald method, which greatly reduces the risk of infection or allergies in the ice contact, and greatly improves the comfort of the treatment process.

advantage of cryo therapy machine

1. by providing -9°C.The following cold air can provide cold protection to the epidermis before, during and after surgery, so that the epidermis is protected from thermal damage caused by photothermal action.The thermal damage that has been generated can also be mitigated by the cold protection provided.
2. More effective more smooth. After using Co2 or Q-Switch laser, use air-cooled machine to reduce redness and make the process more effective and smooth.
3. For thermal damage caused by OPT rapid hair removal treatment, an air cooler can be used to reduce skin temperature.


1. It is forbidden to store it next to direct light and heating equipment, especially in summer.

2. It is easy to get on the tide away from places with water or moisture (sauna, bathing hall, etc.), which will cause damage;

3. It is forbidden to be affected by external force. Using chemical drugs to wipe the instrument (alcohol, benzene, letter water, etc.) will cause damage;

4. Do not open the inside of the instrument arbitrarily to avoid electric shock or damage.

5. There will be water in the air outlet, not water leakage but water mist generated by low working temperature;

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