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Portable EMSlim Body Sculpting Muscle Stimulator

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Exercise abdominal muscles, shape waistline

Exercise the buttocks muscles to create bubble butt

Exercise the oblique muscles and shape the Apollo’s Belt

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Strengthen abdominal muscles, shape vest line

The high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy technology used by the nmachine stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions when it acts on the abdomen.This super-muscle exercise can increase the density and volume of abdominal muscles, and decompose and eliminate abdominal fat.

Improve the buttocks curve to create a peach-like buttocks

When the handles act on the buttocks, the powerful pulse of energy causes the muscles of the buttocks to continuously contract. In this "super muscle movement", the muscles gradually increase and thicken, the overall buttocks are improved, the muscle relaxation is also significantly reduced, and the entire buttocks line is becoming more and more obvious and lifted.


1. Skin, fat and muscular tissue build your general body look.

2. The non-invasive High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology generates effective contraction, but not autonomous tightening. When revealed to these tightening, the skin stays untouched while the electromagnetic power permeates to fat as well as muscle mass layers.

3. The muscle mass cell is compelled to adjust to such severe condition, causing body react with a deep renovation of its internal muscular framework to achieve ideal shape. 

Limitations of Today's Body Sculpting Market

Muscles make up about 36-45% of the human body, but existing slimming devices only target fat.

Current cosmetic devices are not a substitute for butt lift surgery.

Postpartum mom transformation treatment is very popular, but the existing body shaping equipment only targets fat,Unable to solve the relaxation of abdominal muscles and "rectus abdominis".

Why is magnetic slimming popular?

Dissatisfied with the effect of the existing beauty equipment, a truly revolutionary slimming equipment is needed.

The slimming and shaping treatment has been carried out in the past, hoping to bring more benefits by "building muscle + burning fat"treatments.

There is an urgent need to meet the needs of customers for non-invasive butt lift. The existing treatment methods do not match the needs of customers.

The world's first non-invasive butt lift and building machine

Clients who do not want to have injections or surgery.

For clients who exercise hard to take their butt muscles to the next level Improve butt muscle strength and endurance.

To enhance the strength and endurance of the hip muscles, clients who work hard to lift their hips can directly dream come true.

Treatment Provided

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