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What is roller microneedling?

The micro-needle roller is made of Swiss high-quality medical stainless steel. The needle tip is smooth and sharp. The anti-slip handle based on bionic design has a streamlined, fashionable and pure shape, and the needle will never fall off.
The most intuitive functions of microneedling are:
1. Subcutaneous stimulation to improve skin quality: Through micro-targeted skin stimulation, it can promote the proliferation of dermal collagen and fibroblasts, regenerate the skin from the inside out, and completely improve the skin quality.
2. Efficient repair, activate cells: Infiltrate a variety of skin nutrients into the deep layers of the skin, activate cells, smooth sunken scars, lighten pigmentation, smooth wrinkles and other skin problems.

microneedling principle

What are the cosmetic effects of roller microneedling?

The specific skin problems that roller microneedling can solve are different depending on the essence and medicine used:
01/Skin Repair
For the cavities caused by acne and acne, the roller microneedling can promote the production of new collagen fiber tissue, rebuild the network fiber structure, and smooth the acne cavities.

acne removal treatment

02/Repair sensitive
For sensitive skin, roller microneedling can reshape the skin's natural barrier, promote keratin regeneration, inhibit microvascular dilation, soothe and calm, and improve sensitive skin conditions such as tightness, tingling, burning, itching, and peeling.

03/Whitening and moisturizing
For the skin problems of pigmentation, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull yellow and dull skin, the roller microneedle can remove the skin metabolic waste, promote the differentiation of young cells, and accelerate the metabolism of abnormal melanin.


04/Rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation
For dry and peeling skin, rough skin, fine lines and dry lines, the roller micro-needle can deliver natural moisturizing factors and compound growth factors to the basal layer to restore the function of cell water storage and regeneration to improve.
05/Improve the slenderness
For mild sagging and sagging of the skin, the roller microneedling can regenerate and reorganize collagen and elastic fibers, accelerate the internal microcirculation of the skin, promote the metabolism of keratinocytes, unclog pores, tighten sagging, and improve sagging.

Before the roller micro-needling treatment, anesthesia ointment will be applied to the entire face for about 30-40 minutes, and then washed off before you can receive the treatment; during the roller micro-needling treatment, you will hear the sound of brushing and mild Slight tingling, while the roller is used as a pipe, the skin needs nutritional medicine. When the roller is rolled over, the skin will have bleeding symptoms; after the roller micro-needling treatment, the skin will have traces of needle arrangement, mild bleeding, and when the rolling is too heavy There are also occasional redness and pimple-like protrusions, which can be relieved by applying a mask, and will gradually disappear within 24 hours after the operation.


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