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What is Photorejuvenation?

Instruments in medical beauty are mainly divided into three categories: "sound, light and electricity", and photorejuvenation belongs to "light".
Photorejuvenation itself is pulsed light, so different wavelengths of light are used to achieve different effects.
According to the professional definition, photonic skin rejuvenation is intense pulsed light, which is essentially the same as ordinary light. Compared with sunlight, it filters out harmful ultraviolet rays and most infrared rays, and retains the spectrum with a wavelength of 500-1200 nanometers.
Function of Photorejuvenation:
1. Pigment removal: lighten spots, brighten skin tone
Light has a selective photothermal effect—that is, two pieces of paper, one white and one black, under the same light, the black will absorb more heat than the white—the pigment particles on the superficial skin are absorbing the energy of the photons It bursts instantly and falls off after forming a crust with the replacement of the skin.
2. Remove redness: reduce sensitivity
Oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood vessels will absorb photons to generate heat energy, which will be transmitted to the vascular endothelial cells, so that the dilated capillaries will gradually close.
3. Skin rejuvenation: shrink pores
The action of light on the skin tissue can produce photothermal and photochemical effects. After the skin is damaged, the skin heals and rebuilds itself, so that the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep layer of the skin are rearranged, so as to achieve the skin rejuvenation effect such as improving fine lines and fine pores.

Three types of technologies commonly found in photorejuvenation
- OPT:
It is the abbreviation of Optimal Pulse Technology, that is, "perfect pulse light", which can emit three sub-pulses with balanced energy, turning the peak wave of the previous photon into a square wave, which greatly reduces the occurrence of side effects and pain while enhancing the curative effect. lighten.

- M22:
It is the OPT photonic skin rejuvenation platform instrument under Keyiren, which was launched in 2011. In 2017, it was upgraded to M22 V5, also known as "Advanced OPT" (AOPT), and the energy density of each sub-pulse of AOPT became adjustable (in the past, only the time parameters of each sub-pulse could be adjusted, which is equivalent to Turning the previous "semi-manual" into "full-manual"), high-level doctors can make more subtle manual adjustments based on experience.

- BBL:
It is the abbreviation of Broad Band Light, that is, broad-spectrum light, also known as "BB light". It is carried on the Profile super platform of Sciton Company in the United States. BBL has up to ten sub-pulses, which can truly output ideal square wave energy and make photon heating more efficient. Uniform and milder effect; BBL can efficiently and accurately control the skin temperature of the treatment area, and can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0-30°C, thus making the treatment safer and more comfortable.


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