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The fat-dissolving and shaping project of HIFU “Small Waist”

The zipper of the hip-packed skirt cannot be closed, the buttons of the trousers are always broken, the waist and abdomen are grabbing a handful of meat... Are these kinds of common troubles also bothering you? And exercise to lose weight, diet to lose weight, etc., the effect is all It's not obvious, so what kind of weight loss method can make you lose weight quickly and non-invasively?

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The new fat-dissolving and shaping project of HIFU "Small Waist" has enabled countless weight loss and beauty seekers to officially bid farewell to the long recovery period, long wearing of shapewear, skin bumps and other weight-loss problems. It only takes one, an hour to shrink the size of the body. The waist size is 5-10 cm, which does not affect normal life and work, and can easily reduce fat and shape.

The principle of ultrasonic "small waist" fat-dissolving and shaping is to use high-intensity, focused ultrasonic therapy to convert ultrasonic waves into heat energy without damaging blood vessels and other nerve tissues, and accurately act on the subcutaneous 32.5px of each part of the body. High-tech shaping technology for stubborn fat cells. By softening and decomposing subcutaneous adipose tissue through high temperature, and stimulating collagen contraction and thickening, it quickly fills the vacancy of adipose tissue that has been drained by normal lymphatic metabolism, making the skin firm and moisturizing.


【Advantages of Ultrasonic Knife "Small Waist" Fat Dissolving and Sculpting】
1. Non-intrusive and safer. "Small waist" uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound to generate heat, dissolve fat, and stimulate collagen regeneration;
2. Directly reduce fat without rebound. "Small waist" can permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, directly reduce the amount of fat without rebound;
3, collagen hyperplasia, more compact. "Small waist" stimulates collagen regeneration and thickening while decomposing fat, filling the subcutaneous fat vacancies, making the skin smooth and elastic after treatment;
4. No recovery period, easier. "Small Waist" is a non-invasive fat-dissolving device that does not require injections or surgery, and does not affect normal life and work.

These destroyed fats will be metabolized and absorbed by our lymph and blood, so as to achieve the effect of body sculpting. Due to the different metabolic rate of each person, the time to remove fat also varies from person to person, and the slimming effect can be seen in about 8 to 12 weeks.

【For people】
It can be applied to the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, butterfly sleeves and other areas, and can squeeze out more than 2.5 cm of fat. It is very suitable for ultrasonic "small waist" fat-dissolving and shaping to create your perfect curve.
Ultrasonic "small waist" fat-dissolving shaping uses high-density ultrasonic energy to penetrate directly to the subcutaneous fat layer without harming the skin, dissolve fat, and at the same time promote the proliferation of skin collagen and exert a firming effect.