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Synchronize KO subcutaneous fat + visceral fat to save “invisible fat”

It is a non-invasive "diathermy therapy", which uses 350W high-power RF radio frequency technology, and the most ideal 470KHz frequency in the medical field, combined with CET&RET thermal energy conduction mode (CET probe is aimed at subcutaneous tissue and fascia layer RET probe penetrates The depth can reach 80mm, mainly for visceral fat and musculoskeletal), causing local tissue molecules to generate strong resonance rotation and friction, so as to generate "deep source heat" in the body, physically increase body temperature, and artificially create "fever" for the body. surroundings.
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Because the adipose tissue has a large resistance and generates a lot of heat, the fat will be rapidly heated. From 41 degrees, the fat cells will begin to melt. Especially in the RET mode, the heating depth can reach 80mm, and the visceral fat will be fully "burned".

After the fat cells are heated, the decomposition is accelerated, and the volume will continue to shrink. The released free fatty acids are combined with serum proteins and transported to the liver, and then excreted through metabolism (sweat, urine), completely reducing the number of fat cells, and finally achieve " Non-invasive fat dissolving with internal heat".

While reducing fat, this biological thermal effect can also heat the collagen in the deep dermis, stimulate the immediate contraction and continuous regeneration of collagen, and make it more tightly arranged, thereby achieving the effect of tightening the skin and reshaping the curve.

Therefore, after treatment, not only can the excess "visceral fat" + "subcutaneous fat" be eliminated in one fell swoop to beautify the body lines, it can also improve skin sagging and cellulite.
Function of CET RET
Not only does it achieve non-invasive, painless, and stress-free treatment, but also there is no risk of uneven skin after weight loss, no pain and inconvenience of long-term wearing corsets after liposuction, and no weight loss drugs that have serious side effects, easy rebound after dieting, and exercise. Long course of treatment and other disadvantages.

The radio frequency system without SPARK (anti-spark) patented enhancement technology ensures that the energy is distributed very evenly, avoiding the danger of skin burns caused by hot spots in the heating area, the treatment process is safe and comfortable, and the body will become It's warm and doesn't feel too hot at all.

So, it is a truly safe and efficient non-invasive fat-dissolving shaping project!

In addition to fat reduction and shaping, Tweebo is also widely used in beauty, body and health management. It can manage the whole body and achieve "no dead ends" treatment from head to toe.
Including scalp management, hair loss management, facial anti-aging and wrinkle removal, breast/butt lift, stretch mark improvement, and sub-health conditioning, such as enhancing immunity, improving body cold syndrome, chronic pain management, private health management, postpartum rehabilitation, etc. , have better curative effect!

Post time: Jul-25-2022