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Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Shape Your Body

●In 1890, French scientist Da Sonval discovered that high-frequency current can induce high-speed electrical oscillation ion flow in the cell environment, which has the effect of increasing the permeability of cell membrane;
●Increased cell membrane permeability can promote the exchange of substances inside and outside the cell, and promote metabolism, thereby activating the natural repair and regeneration ability of tissue cells.
●In 1939, British scientists discovered that the capacitor resistance under the action of high frequency can producea diathermic effect;
●Human tissue itself has different capacitance and resistance properties, and the thermal effect of high-frequency current in human tissue can promote blood and lymph circulation;
●Accelerated blood circulation can promote the input of nutrients and regulate local temperature;
●Accelerated lymphatic circulation can promote lymphatic drainage, remove waste and excessive water.

thermashape FLX
function of radio frequency

Face Application
The efficacy of the Thermoshape FLX machine is not only to improve pain and sub-health management, but also has a very good effect on facial firming and anti-aging. With the passage of time, gravity and collagen loss, resulting in unclear facial contours, Apple muscles are sagging, traditional facial care can no longer meet the needs of anti-aging, even after some machine beauty treatment are finished, the effect needs to be consolidated. At this time, the Thermoshape FLX machine is the best choice! Although human skin will age as time goes by, it always has the ability to renew and repair itself. Thermoshape FLX machine promotes skin regeneration from the inside out by activating the body's natural repair functions, so the young status will last longer. From the first treatment, Thermoshape FLX restores the face's natural radiance, promotes epidermis regeneration, and removes skin imperfections.Thermoshape FLX uses high-frequency currents in the 447Khz based on scientific research, because this range of high-frequency energy represents the optimal combination of energy conductivity, treatment depth and thermal effect experience.

Body Application
Unlike many treatments, "Thermoshape FLX" therapy is endogenous, its energy is produced inside the body rather than on the surface, a therapy that promotes natural recovery from injury and tissue repair in a non-traumatic way . It can quickly eliminate pain, instantly restore mobility, and speed up the healing process.

physiotherapy function

Working Principle

Thermoshape FLX energy channel Energy channel refers to the formation of a “pathway” in human tissue through an active electrode (energy inlet) and a return electrode (energy outlet), so that Thermoshape FLX energy can repair and treat the human tissue in the “pathway Active electrodes (energy inlets) are of two types: capacitive (CET) and resistive (RET) Capacitive electric transfer (CET): referred to as CET, the cor responding handle is black. The energy introduced by the CET handle mainly acts on the locally shallow soft tissue with more water. Such as: muscle, fascia, aponeurosis, blood vessels, lymph, etc. Thermoshape FLX energy stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastinTo achieve the effect of firming the skin. This collagen and elastin-targeting property, combined with the monopolar handles exclusively included by our company, enables Thermoshape FLX energy to selectively act on the surface of the skin, making the entire care process more effective and safer. High-frequency current can pass through the cell membrane and directly act on tissue cells, increasing the exchange of substances inside and outside the cell membrane, promoting cell metabolism, and stimulating the body's ability to repair and regenerate.

principle of ret
principle of ret2

Resistive electric transfer (RET): referred to as RET, the corresponding handle is stainless steel. The energy introduced by the RET handle acts on the overall deeper hard tissue with less water content. Such as: ligaments, joints, tendons, periosteum, bones, etc. High-frequency current induces high-speed electrical oscillating ion current in the cell environment, and rapid friction generates heat energy (diathermy effect), thereby increasing the permeability of cell membranes, promoting the exchange and metabolism of substances inside and outside cells, increasing the secretion of endorphins, and accelerating blood and lymph Circulation, improve the supply of nutrients, promote the reconstruction of blood vessels in local tissues, and eliminate pain-causing substances, thereby activating the natural repair and regeneration ability of tissue cells, and speeding up the repair of damaged tissues and the recovery of activity.


1. Promote the dissipation and localization of inflammation 

The diathermic effect of Thermoshape FLX can dilate local blood vessels and accelerate blood flow, which is conducive to the discharge of toxins in tissues, and at the same time promotes blood circulation, increases blood flow, accelerates metabolism, and enhances the phagocytic function
2. Reduce pain nerve excitability
The diathermy effect of Thermoshape FLX can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammatory edema, accelerate the discharge of pain-causing sub- stances and the absorption of exudates, thereby releasing the pressure on local nerve endings. At the same time, the diathermy effect of Thermoshape FLX can also relax tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, which can relieve pain caused by muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Commonly used for lumbar muscle strain, renal colic, gastrointestinal spasm and other patients.
3. Reduce deep tissue congestion
The diathermic effect of Thermoshape FLX can dilate local blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and increase surface blood flow, thereby relatively reducing the congestion of deep tissue. It can also make the patient feel warm and comfortable.
4. Promote the production of heat-stimulated protein HSP
The diathermy effect of Thermoshape FLX can promote the production of the heat-stimulating protein HSP. Heat-stimulating protein (heat shock protein) is a protein produced by stimulating the human body by means of heat and injury. It can replicate various proteins in cells and help The repair of damaged cells and the self-destruction of cells (cell dephagocytosis) are indispensable substances for self-repair in human cells.


Clinical Advantage

Non-invasive and painless: provide 447KHz, diffuse low damage + deep healing Safe and no downtime: non-invasive, no surgery, no injection, efficient and safe, as a lunch break beauty treatment.
High Efficiency: The innovative combination of technique power and technological energy enables deeper and more concentrated energy penetration.
Remarkable effect: visible result can be seen just after one treatment, and the waist circumference is reduced by about 2-3cm.
Wide range of applications: There is no obvious taboo area in the whole body, and the treatment area nearly covers the whole body.
New technology innovation: vacuum combined with CET&RET, the single-treatment effect is more visible, the treatment experience is more comfortable, and there are more treatments which means more profit.

Post time: Jun-06-2022