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Clinical Effect of Radiofrequency Combined With Vacuum Therapy

Clinical effect of radiofrequency combined with Vacuum therapy instrument in improving abdominal skin laxity with stretch marks.
We took 10 female patients with abdominal relaxation and stretch mark repair treatment as the research objects. According to the random number table method, the left and right hemi-abdomen of each patient were randomly divided into the observation side and the control side. The observation side was given 2 courses of radiofrequency treatment for a total of 8 times, and the control side was not treated.

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The radiofrequency combined with vacuum therapy was performed on the observed side hemi-abdomen, and the instrument used was our Dermashape. The patient takes the supine position, exposes the treatment half of the abdomen, smears an appropriate amount of glycerin on the abdomen, and uses the BC handle of the bipolar multi-channel radiofrequency treatment device to treat the abdomen. Adjust the direction of the probe to keep it in close contact with the abdomen and slide it evenly. Slide from bottom to top, from the outside to the inside, or in a clockwise circular motion. During the treatment process, pay attention to the fact that the probe should not stay in one place for too long. During the treatment process, the temperature should be continuously monitored to keep the skin surface temperature at 40℃~42℃, not exceeding 43℃.

After treatment, the appearance of the observed flank was firmer, the color of stretch marks became lighter, and the stripes became narrower; the total clinical effective rate of the observed flank after 1 course of treatment and 2 courses of treatment was 60% and 90%, respectively; before treatment, the left and right abdominal scores were poor The value was (0.1±0.58) points, and the difference between the left and right abdominal scores after treatment was (1.7±0.67) points, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). The patients' scores for short-term improvement, long-term effect maintenance, treatment comfort, treatment safety and overall satisfaction were (14.8 ± 0.92, 15.4 ± 0.84, 21 ± 1.49, 21.3 ± 1.49, 72.5 ± 2.51) points, respectively. The overall satisfaction rate is 90%. No serious adverse reactions occurred in all patients during the entire treatment process.
The radiofrequency Vacuum therapy instrument has the advantages of significant curative effect, non-invasive safety, and a wide range of clinical applications.

By the way, we can use CO2 laser to do the stretch marks.

Post time: Jul-11-2022