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4 Handpieces Cryolipolysis Plus Strong Vacuum Cellulite Reduction Machine

Short Description:

1 Cryo handle including Freezing+Vacuum technology.

Cooling/Freezing can reach max -10 °C. (can be adjusted on your request)

4 different sizes Cryo-Handpiece and Cryo-Handpiece for double chin for your option

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Cryotherapy is the latest fat freezing cooling technology which uses a special 360'applicator to target stubborn fat that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise, effectively freezing, destroying, and permanently eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging the surrounding layers.


1. ldeal for smaller bulges
2. Safely targets delicate, hard-to-reach areas
3. 30 minute cycle , Complete results in 1-2 visits
4. A smooth, contoured, youthful jawine and chin
5. No scalpels, injections, incisions, traumatic suction, or anesthesia

Machine introduction



Equipped with 3 power supplies, responsible for powering handle,cooling system and machine. The energy output is stronger and more stable.

High quality applicators: The applicator contact material consists of special active nanoscale silica gel. It is soft enough for skin, so the whole treatment process is comfortable. Besides, the treated area is sucked by this soft applicator more effe ctively, the suction is much more stronger.


Temperature control skin protection system: The body slim freezer machine is equipped with a temperature control skin protection system. When the temperature reaches the temperature you set,the system will stop working.

Strong cooling system offers best results.


Water tank Level line: More convenient to check the water level.


Before & After

Key parameters





Vacuum Working Mode

Continuous & Pulsed

Vacuum Time

≤60 Mins

Vacuum power

Up to 90kPa

Cooling Temperature


Cooling System

Water cooling, air cooling,

semiconductor cooling

Rated input power


Power supply

AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/ AC110V±10%,


Gross Weight




Warm temperature

Up to 45 degree celsius

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We are constantly on the look-out for innovative technologies that will give the aesthetic professional the tools to deliver cutting edge, exciting, and effective results. Our vision is to be the best manufacturer in providing technology-based solution to the aesthetic marketplace, including cosmetic lasers and equipments. Therefore, we joined hand with the world’s leading technology companies to provide a large range as well as affordable products in plasma, laser, light-based, radio frequency, ultrasound, freeze sculpting applications.

Our footprint has reached the main continent of the world through distribution network, business partners and annual fair and exhibition we participated, including Cosmoprof Bologna in Italy, Cosmoprof North America in USA, Cosmoprof Asia in HK, Beauty Vision in Poland, Turkish Beauty Eurasia, Intercharm Russia and more coming shows in your front door.

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