IPL Skin Rejuvenation System

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Size: 57*53*70


IPL Skin Rejuvenation S- 3100

What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?
IPL is a kind of photon therapeutic apparatus, also called IPL photo rejuvenation. It is widely used for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and pigmentation removal with the therapeutic mechanism of thermal selective effect. It is a kind of non-abrasive photodynamic therapy, making use of insignificant amount of intense pulsed light technology to conduct non-abrasive skin rejuvenation therapy with low energy and density, to achieve the purpose of rejuvenating and beautifying the skin.

What is the IPL Hair Removal process?
The IPL process uses intense pulsed light to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. IPL treatments leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and silkier. This patented technology transcends the older, painful hair removal treatments to deliver long lasting results. IPL's wide beam treats larger areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs and face rather than treating one hair at a time. Best of all, IPL treatments are a safe, fast, gentle and effective alternative method for hair removal.
1. Non-invasive and non-ablative treatment for skin
2. Superior performance and patient comfort with no down time
3. Virtually painless skin tightening technology without surgery
4. Quick and easy handpiece installation
5. With a single handpiece and interchangeable smart filters
6. Upper and lower double switch, adapt to the habits of different operators
7. State-of-the-art design
8. 7”/8.4’’ TFT deluxe touch screeen available for choices
9. Plastic Trolley available for choice
10. State-of-the-art design

1. Firm and tighten lax skin
2. Skin Rejuvenation
3. Treat superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasias, symptoms of rosacea and angioma
4. Resolve stubborn and resistant superficial benign pigmented and vascular lesions on lighter skin colors
5. Hair Removal, treat even minimally-pigmented hair colors
6. Acne Treatment: Clinically proven, safe, effective acne treatment; Reduce sebaceous gland activity and destroy active acne.

What are the benefits of IPL treatments?
• Larger areas may be treated at one time.
• It works equally well with light or dark hair and skin.
• There is less chance for scarring and pigmentation change.
• Less pain and discomfort compared to other hair removal treatments.
• Combines the speed of shaving with the lasting results promised by electrolysis.
• IPL is effective on almost any area of the body where smoother, younger-looking hair-free skin is desired.
Technical Parameters:
Light Source    Intense Pulsed Light
Handpiece Number    1
Wavelength    530-1200nm(SR), 640-1200nm(HR)
IPL Energy Density    0-50J/cm2
Spot Size    8*40mm2
Pulse Number    1-15 pulse (adjustable)
Pulse Width    5-30 ms (adjustable)
Pulse Delay    5-50 ms (adjustable)
Display Screen    7’’/8.4” TFT colorful touch screen
Cooling System    Water cooling, Air cooling, Semiconductor refrigeration
Electrical Source    220V/50Hz
Dimension    57cm*53cm*70cm
Gross Weight    35 KG

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