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Proven Clinical results:
An average reduction of 5.92 centimeters on the buttock, 2.54 centimeters on the thigh and 7.37 centimeters on the abdomen area
Most petients reported no discomfort during or after treatment
Up to 60% overall improvement in skin texture(including laxity and tone due to the reduction in cellulite appearance) was visible after 5 sessions

Who are Velaslim techniques for?
For anyone who:
Is looking for the missing link between overly gentle and ineffective techniques and risky, invasive, and harsh techniques.
Does not always equate beauty with medical procedures.
Feels that it’s too early or too late to consider more aggressive techniques.
Wants to naturally boost their potential for slimming and looking younger with long lasting effect.
Believes that taking care of yourself involves wellness and relaxation.
Understands that, like muscles, skin needs exercise, a balance diet, and tailored cosmetics.
Understands also that intensive sports and low-calorie diets are not enough to get rid of stubborn fat and unsightly dimpling.
Wants to rediscover the face they love, not some fixed-expression recreated face.
Lives in their time and wants high-tech treatments along with healthy, natural, and responsible beauty.