Soul Travel 


In July 13-14, we, SUSLASER, got a chance to attend a course named “Soul Travel”. After the course, all family members learned and improved a lot.

Here is an email from one of our family member, Betty, to one of her customers, Christos.


"Dear Christos,


Last weekend, our whole company attending a course named "Soul Travel".

I deeply feel that everyone has her/his own story.


As a leader, how huge pressure he/she need to stand; how big responsiblity he/she is taking.

Now I can fully understand/feel how good our CEO Mr.Vince & GM. Ms.Jesscia are.

I just want to thanks them for always supporting me, encouraging me, helping me to grow up.

Especially for our GM.Ms.Jesscia.

She is in hospital now, but she insisted to went to our course spot last night to support us.

We felt very surprise & deeply moved at that moment.

(Our CEO Mr.Vince is attending the Las Vegas fair now)


Today is Monday.

I can feel that most of my colleauges are changed slightly.

They are working harder & harder, their mentail sprit just like regain a new life!

And we can feel we get closer & closer between our hearts, just like a real family.

I really love this feeling, dear.

I couldn't stand to share it with you.


At the same time, dear, I really want to thank you.

Thank you for supporting me every time during our cooperation.

Thank you for forgiving my mistakes.


To be honest, I treated you as my friend, not as my customer, although I don't know whether you have the same feeling.

I chose to believe you also treat me as your friend.

Thank you.


Have a nice day, dear.

Thanks & best regards,

Betty Chen"



 SUS staff family’s trip to Zhapo, Yangjiang


On a Saturday morning in September, 2012, nearly all of the staff in SUS got on the travel bus to Yangjiang. On the bus we played games, talked and laughed happily. When we arrived there, we had a big meal on the Nanhai-1. After lunch, we went to the sea and had a great time playing in the water. At night, we barbecued on the beach, and released Kongming lanterns with our wishes written on them into the sky.


This trip provides every one of us with a stage to show our talents and understand each other more and relax ourselves. Thanks to the opportunities like this our company offers to us, our team can be united stronger and stronger.




Employee Improvement


All of our staff has opportunities to be sent outside of our company to further study and train. Different apartments have different courses suitably chosen for them. The training items include teamwork building, Performance assessment, communication and management, and manufacturing management ect. 


This year, a total of all members have attended the training courses in different places of Guangdong. And each time they have finished the study, they will come back to the company and share their experience with the other staff who haven’t been attended this course.


It’s really a valuable policy and welfare our company provides for us. By taking these courses constantly, we can improve our sense of responsibility and team spirit. Moreover, our company can improve our management system, and strengthen supervision on the quality of our product and service.