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Velaslim, released by SUSLASER, is a body contouring system that combines four technologies which are Bipolar RF, Near-infrared Laser 940nm, Vacuum and a Roller Massage Mechanism.The combination of these technologies effectively promotes metabolism of lipocyte and fibre cells which produce effective results for body contouring and cellulite removal.  In addition the combination has a remarkable effect on smoothing out wrinkles and bags under the eyes allowing the salon to offer a range of treatments from one machine !


See what our customers say about Velaslim:


I had to let you know how this AMAZING machine worked on my clients face yesterday. Her Forehead wrinkles disappeared before my eyes, her skin looks youthful and fresh and we managed to get some contouring under her cheek bones after 1 application (on the lowest level of everything as well).

She called this morning and said she can't stop looking at herself in the mirror...she is SOLD! Her Mum is coming in next week as well now.

I want to thank you for trusting in me and my salon with your Baby and all I can say is WOW!!

This is going to revolutionise face & body contouring in Australia.

Amanda @ ReDeSlim Wellness Salon


I had my first AMAZING Velaslim treatment and lost an incredible 6 - yes SIX centimetres off my love handles and stomach! I cannot wait for my next treatment and highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble losing those muffin top love handles like I was! I can see the difference and feel it in my waistband of my pants. AMAZING!!!!!
Jess Basedow –Adelaide SA.


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